Who is Schalla Lawn Care?




Schalla Lawn Care began in 2005.  I was 12-years-old and excited to be starting my own lawn care company in Steinbach.  I still remember the first day when my grandpa helped me lift my parents’ Craftsman mower into the back of his truck.  As we drove into town he would often take the the opportunity to talk about customer service and 1960’s work ethic.

At the end of the day he would come to pick me up, but not before carefully inspecting each yard. Everything looked complete as best as I could tell, but more than once I would be instructed to start up the mower again to straighten lines, clean up loose clippings, and leave each job with a sense of satisfaction.

That next summer I got my own set of “wheels” to bike equipment around town, but the lessons learned from my grandfather would stick with me. The value of hard work and quality customer service.

As Schalla Lawn Care has grown, so has the appreciation for those values. We do not simply mow grass, we work for people, individuals like yourself, who deserve exceptional lawn care at a respectable price.

This is not just a job, it is a passion, and it comes through in our strong work ethic and quality customer service. We love what we do and we do it well!

Schalla Lawn Care – gratefully serving Steinbach for over 20 years!

Jeff Schalla – Owner