Spring is finally here!

Warm weather and vacation time is just around the corner, but in front of you now is brown matted grass and gravel from the street.

Your lawn needs a fresh start!

* All prices include GST! *

There is NO extra charge for power sweeping. Winter gravel clean up is free with any package!

Package #1 - $150

  1. rake / detatch
  2. lawn vacuum / first cut
  3. string line trim
  4. blow driveway and walkways clear
  5. haul away lawn debris

*Prices based on average sized city lots

Package #2 - $230

Package #1 + core aeration


Package #3 - $310

Package #2 + spring fertilizer


Stand Alone Services

Core Aeration - $90

Spring Fertilizer Application - $80

Power sweep winter sand and gravel - $45

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