Do you provide one-time cutting options?
Yes! Whether you’re going on vacation, have a broken-down lawn mower, or want to surprise a friend, we love short-term work.
How frequently will my lawn be cut?
Once per week. You will be assigned a specific day on which you can expect our operators to cut your lawn each week.

We will come each week unless:

  1. There is a hot dry spell and a lawn is not watered.  If we determine the mower tires might burn the grass, we will not cut that week.
  2. You notice there will be nothing to cut one week.  Simply give us two days’ notice.

You will not be charged for missed weeks.

Depending on the season, weekly grass cutting typically begins early May and goes into October.

Will I be locked into a monthly contract?
No, most residential customers prefer not being locked into a monthly contract. That is why we charge per cut.

If you would prefer a contract, no problem! We can set that up as well.

Can I have my lawn cut more frequently?
Absolutely!  We will gladly schedule additional cuts during periods of heavy growth.  Just let us know.
Do you provide weed control and/or fertilizing?
Yes. We can take care of this, too. Check out our additional services.
How often can I expect to pay?
We process invoices monthly. You can expect to receive your invoice at the beginning of each month for work already completed.
What if it rains on my scheduled day?
We stop working if there is heavy rain.  Once conditions have cleared we are usually caught up within a day.