Vacation Lawn Care / "One Time Cuts"

Going on vacation?  Lawn mower break down?  Want to surprise a friend?  We love talking to new customers and short-term work!

(A $10 fee is added for "one" or "two time cuts" to compensate for the extra administration)  If you schedule three or more cuts in a row the fee is free!


Most residential customers prefer not being locked into a monthly contract.  No problem!  We charge per cut.

If you would prefer a contract, we can easily set that up!

Cut Frequency?

Each customer is assigned a day of the week.

Weekly grass cutting usually begins in May and goes into October depending on the weather.

We come consistently each week unless:

  1. we hit a very hot dry spell and a lawn is not watered.  If we determine the mower tires might burn the grass we will skip a week.
  2. you see there will be nothing to cut.  Just give us a two day heads up and we'll be happy to wait a week.

You are not charged for weeks we skip.

Can I have my lawn cut more frequently?

Absolutely!  We will gladly schedule a second weekly cut during periods of heavy growth.  Just let us know.

What about rain days?

Our equipment works surprising well even if the ground is wet from light rain.

If we get heavy rain we will pause our daily work schedule and pick up where we left off when conditions become more suitable again.

Cutting height?

Spring - some lawn types benefit from being cut slightly shorter to allow heat to penetrate and begin to warm up the roots.

Summer - 2 ¾" is standard.

Late Fall - cutting the grass shorter right before winter discourages voles from making tunnels, reduces grass matting, and prevents snow mould.  Grass is very resilient and winters well so there is no fear of frost harming your lawn if the grass is shorter.

Billing frequency?

Invoices for regular customers are sent out the beginning of each month for work completed the month before.

For example: June lawn care is invoiced beginning of July.

Weed + feed?

We have partnered with Weed Man Canada to offer licensed and insured organic weed control and fertilizer applications.  We specialize in grass cutting, they specialize in weed + feed, you deal with one company.

Give us a call, and we take care of everything.


Couldn't be simpler!

1.) Contact us with your house address.

2.) Using aerial imagining we can immediately size your yard and give you a quote.

3.) If you give us the "okay" your work is done!  We make all the arrangements with Weed Man.


Once the first few applications have been completed we include the weed + feed invoice to your regular monthly invoice.

One invoice = more convenience for you!


Weed Man's scheduling program syncs with our mowing schedule enabling them to time applications around our mowing days.


Full Season - 3 organic Fiesta weed control applications + 2 premium slow release fertilizer applications.

Econo - 3 organic Fiesta weed control applications + 1 premium slow release fertilizer application.

Single Applications?

Fertilizer - We offer single fertilizer applications for $80/app.

Weed Control - Organic weed control is most effective with multiple applications in conjunction with at least one fertilizer application so it is best booked with either the "full season" or "econo" package.

Next Step...

Looking for a quote or more info?  Simply send an email or give us a call.  We'd love to help you out anyway we can!

(204) 392-0903